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BL/BLS 6000 - Blues Sampler - T-Bone Walker, Otis Spann, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed [1967] Two record set.

BL/BLS 6001 - Blues Is King - B.B. King [1967]
Waitin' On You/Gamblers' Blues/Tired Of Your Jive/Night Life/Buzz Me//Don't Answer The Door/Blind Love/I Know What You're Puttin' Down/Baby Get Lost/Gonna Keep On Loving You
b.b. king - blues is king
BL/BLS 6002 - Live At Cafe Au-Go-Go - John Lee Hooker [1966] I'm Bad Like Jesse James/She's Long, She's Tall (She Weeps Like A Willow Tree)/When My First Wife Left Me/Heartaches And Misery//One Bourbon, One Scotch And One Beer/I Don't Want No Trouble/I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive/Seven Days

BLS 6003 - The Blues Is Where It's At - Otis Spann [1967] Popcorn Man/Brand New House/Chicago Blues/Steel Mill Blues/Down on Sarah street/T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness/Nobody Knows Chicago/My Home Is on the Delta/Spann Blues

BLS 6004 - The New Jimmy Reed Album - Jimmy Reed [1967] Big Boss Man/I Wanna Know/Got Nowhere To Go/Two Ways To Skin A Cat/Heartaches And Troubles/Tell Me What You Want Me To Do//Honey I'll Make Two/You Don't Have To Go/Don't Play Me Cheap/Two Sides To Every Story/I'm Just Trying To Cop A Plea/Two Heads Better Than One
jimmy reed - the new jimmy reed album
BLS 6005 - Everyday I Have The Blues - Jimmy Rushing [1967] Everyday I Have the Blues/Berkeley Campus Blues/Keep the Faith/You Can't Run Around/Blues In the Dark/Baby Don't Tell/I Left My Baby/Undecided Blues/Evil Blues
jimmy rushing - everyday i have the blues

BLS 6006 - Singing The Blues - Joe Turner [1967] Well Oh Well/Joe's Blues/Bluer Than Blue/Big Wheel/Poor House //Piney Brown Blues/Mrs. Geraldine/Since I Was Your Man/Roll 'Em Pete/Cherry Red
joe turner - singing the blues
BLS 6007 - Cherry Red - Eddie Cleanhead Vinson [1967] Cherry Red/Cadillac Blues/Juice Head Baby/Alimony Blues/Somebody's Got To Go//Flat Broke Blues/Old Maid Got Married/Workin' Blues/Wee Baby Blues/Goodnight Baby Blues

BL/BLS 6008 - Stormy Monday Blues - T-Bone Waker [1967] I'm Gonna Stop/Little Girl/Don't You Know/Every Night/I'm Still In Love/Cold Hearted Woman/Treat Me So Low Down/Stormy Monday/Confusion Blues/I Gotta Break Baby/Flower Blues
BLS 6009 - Soulin' - Jimmy Reed [1967] Buy Me A Hound Dog/Feel Like I Want To Ramble/I Wake Up At Daybreak/Peepin' And Hidin'/Don't Press Your Luck Woman/I'm Not Going To Let You Down//I'm Knockin' On Your Door/Crazy About Oklahoma/Cousin Peaches/Ain't No Time For Fussin'/Dedication To Sonny
jimmy reed - soulin'
* BLS 6010 - The Dirty Blues Band - The Dirty Blues Band [1968] Born Under A Bad Sign/Checkin' Up On My Baby/Chicken Shack/Don't Start Me Talkin'/Hound Dog/I'll Do Anything Babe/New Orleans Woman/Shake It Baby/Spoonful/What Is Soul Babe/Worry Worry Blues

BLS 6011 - Blues On Top Of Blues - B.B. King [1968] Reissued as ABC 709. Heartbreaker/Losing Faith In You/Dance With Me/That's Wrong Little Mama/Having My Say/I'm Not Wanted Anymore//Worried Dream/Paying The Cost To Be The Boss/Until I Found You/I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me/Raining In My Heart/Now That You've Lost Me
b.b.king - blues on top of blues
* BLS 6012 - Urban Blues - John Lee Hooker [1967] Backbitters And Syndicaters/Boom Boom/Cry Before I Go/Hot Water Springs (Pt. 1 & 2)/I Can't Stand To Leave You/I'm Standing In Line/Mr. Lucky/My Own Blues/Think Twice Before You Go/Want Ad Blues
BLS 6013 - The Bottom Of The Blues - Otis Spann [1968] Heart Loaded With Trouble/Diving Duck/Shimmy Baby/Looks Like Twins/I'm A Fool//My Man/Down To Earth/Nobody Knows/Doctor Blues
BLS 6014 - Funky Town - T-Bone Walker [1968] Goin' To Funky Town/Party Girl/Why My Baby (Keep On Bothering Me)/Jealous Woman/Going To Build Me a Playhouse //Long Skirt Baby Blues/Struggling Blues/I'm In An Awful Mood/I Wish My Baby (Would Come Home At Night)

BLS 6015 - Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed [1968] Give Up And Let Me Go/I'm Leavin'/Shame, Shame, Shame/Run Here To My Baby/Life Is Funny/Two In One Blue//My Baby Told Me/Five Years Of Good Lovin'/When Two People In Love/I've Got To Keep On Rollin'/When I Woke Up This Mornin'
* BLS 6016 - Lucille - B.B. King [1968] (10-68, #192) Reissued as ABC 712. Lucille/You Move Me So/Country Girl/No Money No Luck//I Need Your Love/Rainin' All The Time/I'm With You/Stop Putting The Hurt On Me/Watch Yourself
BLS 6017 - Livin' The Blues - Jimmy Rushing [1968] Sent For You/Bad Loser/Sonny Boy Blues/We Remember Pres/Cryin' Blues/Take Me Back/Tell Me I'm Not Too Late
BLS 6018 - The Soul Of Bonnie And Clyde - South Central Avenue Municipal Blues Band [1968] The Soul Of Bonnie And Clyde/The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde/Bonnie And Clyde/Bowl Of Soul/Blues For A Rainy Everyday/Blues For Bonnie And Clyde//South Central Avenue Municipal Blues Band/Ode To Bonnie And Clyde/How's Your Clyde?/There's Not Much Time To Love/Little Bit A' Bonnie And Whole Lotta Clyde
BLS 6019 - The Blues Are All Brown - Roy Brown [1968] Hard Times/Higher and Higher/New Orleans Woman/Driving Me Mad/Till the End/Soul Lover/Man in Trouble/Standing On Broadway/Woman Trouble Blues/Cryin' With the Blues/Deep Down

BLS 6020 - Stone Dirt - The Dirty Blues Band [1968] Bring It On Home/It's My Own Fault Baby/I Can't Quit You Baby/Tell Me/She's the One//My Baby/Sittin' Down Wonderin'/Six Sides/You've Got to Love Her with a Feeling/Gone Too Long

BLS 6021 - The Outlaw Blues Band - The Outlaw Blues Band [1968] Tobacco Road/Tried To Be A Good Boy/How Bad Love Can Be/I've Got To Have Peace Of Mind//Lost In The Blues/Death Dog Of Doom/Sweet Sixteen/Two 'Tranes Running

BLS 6022 - His Best/The Electric B.B. King - B.B. King [1969] Tired of Your Jive /Don't Answer the Door /The B.B. Jones /All Over Again /Paying the Cost to Be the Boss /Think It Over /I Done Got Wise /Meet My Happiness /Sweet Sixteen /You Put It on Me /I Don't Want You Cuttin' Off Your Hair
b.b.king - the electric b.b.king

BLS 6023 - Simply The Truth - John Lee Hooker [1968] I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam/Mini Skirts/Mean Mean Woman/I Wanna Bugaloo//Tantalizing With The Blues/(Twist Ain't Nothin') But The Old Time Shimmy/One Room Country Shack/I'm Just A Drifter

BLS 6024 - Down In Virginia - Jimmy Reed [1969] Sugar Sugar Woman/Don't Light My Fire/Slow Wa King Mama/Jump And Shout/Down In Virginia// Check Yourself/I Shot An Arrow To The Sky/Ghetto Woman Blues/Big Boss Lady/I Need You So/The Judge Should Know

jimmy reed - down in virginia

6025 -

BLS 6026 - The Blues Singer - Jimmy Witherspoon [1969] Evening/I Don't Know/No Rolling Blues/Going Down Slow/Pay The Consequence/Just A Dream/Blow Wind Blow/Look At Granny Run, Run/Nobody Wants To Hear Nobody's Troubles
jimmy witherspoon - the blues singer
BLS 6027 - I Stopped and Looked At the World - Rocky & Val [1970] May be unissued.

BLS 6028 - Long Way From Home - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1969] Long Way From Home/Big Question/Rock Island Line/Night And Day/You Just Usin' Me For A Convenience/Hole In The Wall//Life Is A Gamble/Don't Mistreat Me/Packin' Up, Gettin' Ready/Wailin' And Whoopin'/B.M. Special

BLS 6029 - George Smith Of The Blues - George "Harmonica" Smith & His Blues Band [1969] A Letter To The President/Got My Mojo Working/Milk That Cow/Blues For Reverend King/Ode To Blillie Joe //Juicy Harmonica/Help Me/Hawaiian Eye/If You Were A Rabbit

Bls 6030 - Breaking In - The Outlaw Blues Band [1969] Plastic Man/Stormy Monday Blues/My Baby's Left And Gone//Day Said/Mamo Pano Shhhh/You're The Only One/Deep Gully

BLS 6031 - Live And Well - B.B. King [1969] (6-69, #56) Don't Answer The Door/Just A Little Love/My Mood/Sweet Little Angel/Please Accept My Love//I Want You So Bad/Friends/Get Off My Back Woman/Let's Get Down To Business/That's Why I Sing The Blues

BLS 6032 - Don't Have To Worry - Earl Hooker [1969]

BLS 6033 - Untitled Album - John Lee Hooker [Unissued]

BLS 6034 - Yer' Album - The James Gang [1969] Introduction (Tuning Part One)/Take A Look Around/Funk #48/Bluebird/Lost Woman//Stone Rap/Collage/I Don't Have The Time/Wrapcity In English (Joe Walsh & The Seymour Barab Strings)/Fred (Featuring The Dunn Chorus)/Stop (Featuring The Dunn Chorus)

BLS 6035 - Take Me Back to St. Louis - Andrew "Blues Boy" Odom [Unissued[

BLS 6036 - Rambling Woman - Johnny "Big Moose" Walker featuring Earl Hooker and Otis Hale [1973] Footrace/The Sky Is CryingRambling Woman/Moose Huntin'Chicken Shack //Leave Me 'Lone/Baby Talk/Would You Baby/Rock Me Momma/Moose Is on the Loose

BLS 6037 - Completely Well - B.B. King [1969] (12-69, #38) So Excited/No Good/You're Losin' Me/What Happened?/Confessin' The Blues//Key To My Kingdom/Cryin' Won't Help You Now/You're Mean/The Thrill Is Gone
b.b.king - completely well
BLS 6038 - If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'Im - John Lee Hooker Featuring Earl Hooker [1970] The Hookers (If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'Im)/Baby, I Love You/Lonesome Mood/Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang/If You Take Care Of Me, I'll Take Care Of You//Baby, Be Strong/I Wanna Be Your Puppy, Baby/I Don't Care When You Go/Have Mercy On My Soul!

BLS 6039 - Legend - Charles Brown [1970] Drifting Blues/All Is Forgiven/I Want To Go Home//Black Night/The Combination/Rainy, Rainy Day/New Merry Christmas Baby
charles brown - the legend
BLS 6040 - Hunh! - Jimmy Witherspoon [1970] Parcel Post Blues/I Made A Lot Of Mistakes/Bug To Put'n Yo' Year/Bags Under My Eyes//Thoughts Of Home/You Can't Do A Thing When You Are Drunk/Never Knew This Kind Of Hurt Before/Pillar To Post
jimmy witherspoon - hunh
BLS 6041 - Untitled Album - Jimmy Reed [Unissued]

BLS 6042 - Brownie's Blues - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [Unissued] Later released as Bluesville OBC-505. Jump, Little Children/Lonesome Day/One Thing For Sure/The Killin' Floor/Little Black Engine/I Don't Know The Reason/Trouble In Mind/Everyday I Have The Blues/Door To Success

BLS 6043 - Time To Get It Together - Country Coalition [1970]
Your One Man Band/Second-Hand Sundown Queen/Sweet Sweetheart/Poverty/Life's Little Up's And Down's/Time To Get It Together//How Do I Love You/November Monday/Think About Now/Giving Up Trying To Please You/Age Of Angels/Longing To Be Free
country coalition - time to get it together
6044 -

6045 -

BLS 6046 - Jimmy Witherspoon - Jimmy Witherspoon [Unissued?]

BLS 6047 - Memorial Album - Earl Hooker [Unissued?]

6048 -

6049 -

BLS 6050 - Back In The Alley - B.B. King [1970] Sweet Little Angel/Watch Yourself/Don't Answer The Door/Paying The Cost To Be The Boss/Sweet Sixteen//Gambler's Blues/I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me/Lucille/Please Love Me

BLS 6051 - The Best Of Jimmy Witherspoon - Jimmy Witherspoon [1970] Handbags And Gladrags/I Don't Know/I Made A Lot Of Mistakes/Blow Wind Blow/Bags Under My Eyes (Edited Version)//The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/You Can't Do A Thing When You're Drunk (Edited Version)/Just A Dream/Testifying
jimmy witherspoon - the best of
BLS/BLQ 6052 - Kabuki Wuki - John Lee Hooker [1973] Your Love (Just A Little Bit)/Hold It/Look At The Rain/My Best Friend//Hit The Floor/A Little Bit Higher/I Wonder Why/If You Got A Dollar

BLS 6053 - The Genius Live In Concert - Ray Charles [1973] Reissue Of ABC/ABCS 500. Opening/Swing A Little Taste/I Gotta Woman/Margie/You Don't Know Me/Hide Nor Hair//Baby Don't You Cry/Makin' Whoopee/Hallelujah I Love Her So/Don't Set Me Free/What'd I Say/Finale

BLS 6054 - I Ain't From Chicago - Jimmy Reed [1973] World's Got A Problem/I Don't Know (Part 1)/I Don't Know (Part 2)/Got To Be A Reason/Take Out Some Insurance//I Don't Believe In Nothing/If You Want It Done Right/Life Won't Last Me Long/Turn Me On/Got Me Worried/I Ain't From Chicago
jimmy reed - i ain't from chicago
BLS/BLQ 6055 - Farther On Down The Road - Andrew Voice Odom [1973] Don't Ever Leave Me All Alone/Stormy Monday/Farther Up The Road/Feel So Good/Long About Sunrise//Take Me Back To East St. Louis/I Got The Feelin'/It's My Own Fault/Please Love Me

BLS6056 - Hard Times: The Classic Blues Of Roy Brown - Roy Brown [1973] Hard Times/Higher And Higher/New Orleans Woman/Driving Me Mad/Till The End Of Never/Soul Lover//Man In Trouble Blues/Standing On Broadway (Watching The Girls)/Woman Trouble Blues/Cryin' With The Blues/Deep Down In My Soul
roy brown - hard times
BLS 6057 - Sent For You Yesterday - Jimmy Rushing [1973] You Can't Run Around (Blues)/Sonny Boy Blues/Sent For You Yesterday (Here You Come Today)/Blues in the Dark/Every Day I Have the Blues/Undecided Blues/I Left My Baby/Berkeley Campus Blues/Tell Me I'm Not Too Late

BLS 6058 - Dirty Mistreater - T-Bone Walker [1973] Why My Baby (Keeps On Bothering Me)/Stormy Monday/Jealous Woman/Flower Blues/Long Skirt Baby Blues/Little Girl, Don't You Know //Treat Me So Low Down/I'm In an Awful Mood/Going To Build Me a Playhouse/Cold Hearted Woman/Goin' To Funky Town

BLS/BLQ 6059 - I Couldn't Believe My Eyes - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry with Earl Hooker [1973] Black Cat Bone/Brownie's New Blues/Poor Man Blues/Yell Me Why/My Baby's So Fine//Don't Wait For Me/I'm In Love With You Baby/Parcel Post Blues/When I Was Drinkin'/I Couldn't Believe My Eyes
sonny terry - brownie mcghee - i couldn't believe my eyes
BLS 6060 - Roll 'Em - Joe Turner [1973] Reissue of Bluesway BLS 6006. Well Oh Well/Joe's Blues/Bluer Than Blue/Big Wheel/Poor House //Piney Brown Blues/Mrs. Geraldine/Since I Was Your Man/Roll 'Em Pete/Cherry Red
joe turner - roll em
BLS 6061 - Blues Classics Volume 1 - Various Artists [1973] Let's Go Get Stoned - Ray Charles/I'm Bad Like Jesse James - John Lee Hooker/Baby Talk - Johnny "Big Moose" Walker/Stormy Monday - T-Bone Walker/Scorpio - Mel Brown //Got My Mojo Working - George "Harmonica" Smith/No Rollin' Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon/Take Me Back to East St. Louis - Andrew "Voice" Odom/Hard Times - roy Brown/Attica Blues - Archie Shepp

BLS 6062 - Blues Classics Volume 2 - Various Artists [1973]

BLS 6063 - Heart Loaded With Trouble - Otis Spann [1973]

BLS 6064 - 18 Pounds of Uncleaned Chittlins - Mel Brown [1973]

BLS 6065 - Call on Me - Bobby "Blue" Bland [1973] Call On Me/The Feeling Is Gone/Honky Tonk/Cry Lover Cry/Wishing Well/Share You Love With Me/That's The Way Love Is/Care For Me/No Sweeter Girl/Bobby's Blues/Ain't It A Good Thing/Queen For A Day
bobby blue bland - call on me
BLS 6066 - Sometimes Tomorrow My Broken Heart Will Die - Junior Parker [1973] My Love Is Real/I'm Gonna Take A Chance/If You Can't Take It (You Sure Can't Make It)/What Kind Of Love/It Ain't Like That No More//Goodbye Little Girl/Today I Sing The Blues/I'm Gonna Stop/What People Say About Love/Little Old Lover-Me
junior parker - sometimes tomorrow my broken heart
BLS 6067 - The Ultimate Jimmy Reed - Jimmy Reed [1973] Honest I Do/Big Boss Man/Shame, Shame, Shame/Aw, Shucks, Hush Your Mouth/Bright Lights, Big City//The Sun Is Shining/Good Lover/Down In Virginia/Hush, Hush/Close Together/Baby, What You Want Me To Do
jimmy reed - the ultimate

BLS 6068 - Sunnyland Slim Plays Ragtime Blues - Sunnyland Slim [1973] Get Hip To Yourself/Mr. Cool/Bassology/Ain't Gonna Drink No More/It's You Baby/Everytime I Gets To Drinkin'//Lonesome Ride/Canadian Walk/Rice, Salmon And Black-Eyed Peas [not listed on back cover]/Got To Get To My Baby [listed as "Goin' to My Baby" on the back cover]/When Your Mama Quit Your Papa [not listed on back cover]

BLS 6069 - Funky From Chicago - Johnny Little John [1973] Lost In The Jungle/I Met A Stranger/Chips Flying Everywhere/Guitar King/Keep On Runnin'//Need More Baby/29 Ways/Came Home This Mornin'/19 Years Old [mentioned on back cover, but not included on the album]/How Long/Worried Head
johnny little - funky from chicago
BLS 6070 - Cry Before I Go - Lucille Spann [2/74] Cry Before I Go/Meat Ration Blues/Country Girl/Make You Feel Like A Bigger Man/Sky Is Crying//Everybody's Fishing/Got My Mojo Workin'/Can't Stand To Leave You/Queen Bee/Daddy Let Me Love You/Wine Head Woman

BLS 6071 - Ain't Sick No More - Homesick James [1973] 13 Highway/12 Year Old Boy/Buddy Brown/Fayette County Blues/Little Girl/In Love//My Baby's Gone/Little And Low/Money Getter/I Ain't Doin' No Good/Sugar Mama/Woman I Love

BLS 6072 - Do You Remember The Great Earl Hooker - Earl Hooker [1973]

BLS 6073 - Jimmy Reed At Carnegie Hall - Jimmy Reed [1973] Two record set, issued in U.S. only. Reissue of Vee-Jay 1035. Despite the title, this is a studio album. Disc 1 is new material, and disc 2 is a "best of" compilation from earlier singles. Disc 1: Bright Lights Big City/I'm Mr. Luck/What's Wrong Baby/Found Joy/Kind Of Lonesome//Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth/Tell Me You Love Me/Blue Carnegie/I'm A Love You/Hold Me Close/Blue Blue Water; Disc 2:Baby What You Want Me To Do/You Don't Have To Go/Hush-Hush/Found Love/Honest I Do/You Got Me Dizzy//Big Boss Man/Take Out Some Insurance/Boogie In The Dark/Going To New York/Ain't That Lovin' Baby/The Sun Is Shining

BLS 6074 - After 21 Years - Reverend Gatemouth Moore [1973] The Conversion of Gatemouth Moore and Shine On Me/Prayer Song and Meditation Medley: Oh How I Love Jesus, Yes Jesus Loves Me, A Prayer By Rev. Crenshaw/Glory To His Name/He Walks With Me //Heard the Voice/There Is Room At the Cross/Just As I Am/I Come To the Garden and I'm Going Through

BLS 6075 - I Can't Keep My Foot From Jumping - Johnny Young [1973] Stop Breaking Down/I Gotta Find My Baby/Deal The Cards/Train Fare Out Of Town/I Know She's Kinda Slick/Tried Not To Cry//Keep On Drinking/Kid Mama Blues/Lend Me Your Love/Sweet Mama/No. 12 Is At The Station/I Can't Keep My Foot From Jumpin'

BLS/BLQ 6076 - Do It If You Want To - James Snooky Pryor [1973] Trying to Sell My Monkey/You Wait Too Long/Somebody Been Rambling in My Drawers/Sweet as an Apple in a Tree/The One I Crave to See//Snooky and Andy at the Mardi Gras/Do It If You Want To/I Want to Go Fishin'/Take It Kind of Easy/Can I Be Your Man, A Little While/Keep Your Fat Mouth Out of My Business

BLS/BLQ 6077 - Dirty Double Mother - Roosevelt Sykes [1973] Double Dirty Mother/Persimmon Pie/I Wanna Love/Look A Here/Jookin' In New Orleans/May Be A Scandal//Double Breasted Woman/Dooky Chase Boogie/Life Is A Puzzle/.44 Riffle Blues/Watch'l Go Better

BLS/BLQ 6078 - Cousin Joe Of New Orleans - Cousin Joe [1973] Juice On The Loose/Beggin' Woman/Chicken A-La-Blues/Messin' Around/Barefoot Boy//Country Boy/Evolution Blues/Joe's Blues/Life's A One Way Ticket/Down It And Get From Around It

BLS 6079 - Last Night - Carey Bell [1974] Last Night/Taking You Downtown/Rosa, I Love Your Soul/I'm Worried/Cho' Cho' Blues/Tomorrow Night// 19 Years Old/Leaving In The Morning/Love Pretty Women/Mean Mistreater/Freda/I Want To See You Tomorrow

BLS 6080 - Don't Your Plums Look Mellow - Big Joe Williams [2/74]

BLS 6081 - Hand of God - Rev. James Griffin, Spencer Jackson Family [2/74]

BLS 6082 - House Cleanin' Blues - L.C. Robinson [2/74] House Cleanin' Blues/Summerville Blues/Separation Blues/Texas Blues/My Baby Crossed the Bay/Stop Now//Cross the Bay Shuffle/Train Time/Southern Bound/Standin' In Line/Trailin' My Baby/Rockin' With Peggy

BLS 6083 - Lonely Girl - Lee Jackson [2/74] Lonely Girl/Juanita/Lee Jackson's Boogy/I Had A Dream Last Night/Neck Bones//Lonely Without Love/Country Girl/Old Aunt Jane/When I First Came To Chicago/All Around Man/The Sky Above




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